Grow, Cook, Love Food!

Herbert Peabody is a farmer who lives on Mulberry Tree Farm, with cows, olive trees and a big, big vegetable patch. 

Herbie, as he is known to his family and friends, helps children know, grow and love food through his illustrated storybook adventures and e-book cookbooks.

The adventures of Herbert Peabody focus on connecting children with where food comes from, and centre around problem solving and co-operation.

Young readers are shown that with some hard work and a little bit of magic, extraordinary things can happen.

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Praise for Herbert Peabody

“As a parent you’ve gotta love a book your kids want to read AND that is actually teaching them important stuff!!!”

“Being a small-time farmer herself, Bianca C Ross knows about the ins and outs of growing food, just like her vegetable-growing character Herbert Peabody. This book taps into the educate-kids-about-where-food-comes-from drive” The Age

“This sweet story offers kids a fun way to understand the origins of food.” Disney Princess Magazine

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Herbie’s friends


Hi, my name is Clementine and I am Uncle Herbie’s niece. My mum is Henrietta and my brother is Digby. I love rocking out on my guitar in the school band. I’m in grade four and my favourite colours are pink and aqua.


Hello, I am Henrietta. Herbie is my dear brother, and I have two beautiful children, Clementine and Digby. I am an opera singer and I adore music!


Hello, my name is Digby and I play football for my local team, the Huffelton Brumbies. Our colours are orange and blue, and they are my favourite colours. I am in grade three and my mum is Henrietta and my sister is Clementine.


Hello, I am Ladybug. I am a friend of Herbert Peabody and live on his farm. I just love to fly, especially over Herbie’s big vegetable patch.


Hello, I’m Theo. I am the baker in the town of Huffelton. Herbert Peabody is one of my best friends. My favourite thing to bake is carrot cake, and I love eating it too!


Hi, I’m Worm, Herbie’s neighbour. I live in the big, big vegetable patch at Mulberry Tree Farm. That’s Herbie’s farm. I like to eat dirt and I love to wiggle through the earth!


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