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Day 11: Book Two has arrived!

Today is a day that I will remember forever. After almost two years in the making, Herbie’s second adventure arrived, straight from the printer into my outstretched arms!

I was smiling and crying and laughing, all at the same time! It is both humbling and euphoric, daunting and familiar, but most of all, it is a moment of delight.

Herbie’s second adventure, “Herbert Peabody and the incredible beehive,’ sees Herbie meet a new neighbour, Bee. And when Herbie discovers that Bee is having trouble finding enough pollen to supply her family’s hive, Herbie decides to lend a hand to find more flowers. Before long, he finds that he has embarked on solving one of Huffelton’s biggest mysteries – the disappearance of the Huffelton House gardens. There’s some new friends to meet, and over the next few posts, I’ll introduce the characters and share the inspiration for book two in the Herbert Peabody series.

Herbie and I look forward to sharing his magic of growing food!

Until tomorrow,


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