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It’s easy to start spreading the magic of growing your own food!

1. Find the best spot to grow your plants

Plants need direct sunshine and shelter from the wind. Have a grown-up help you find the very best place for your plants.

2. Choose what you'll grow your seeds in

Pots, crates and garden beds can all be used. Fill with good quality soil from your local nursery.

3. Decide what food you want to grow

Start with two or three plants so that you can give each one lot of love and attention. This way you will grow the very best food!

Once you are growing

1. Choose your seeds

Choose seeds which will suit the season, and where you will grow. eg pot or garden bed.

2. Water the seeds

Start with a small amount every day. As your seeds sprout and grow, keep the soil moist but not too wet. Pots need watering regularly as they dry out more quickly.

3. Watch out for garden pests

Remove any snails and slugs – they love to chomp on your crop before you do! Take out weeds. They take goodness from the soil that your plants need for growing.

Now for the fun part: picking your crop!

1. Pick ripe fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables can ripen at different times on the plant. Have a grown-up help you find the ripest fruit and veggies – they taste the best!

2. Enjoy the food you've picked as soon as you can

You can pick and eat daily for the freshest food ever!

3. Picking herbs

Herbs can be left to grow on the plant and be picked when you need them.

After your harvest

1. Feed your soil

The soil has worked hard to grow your food, and now it needs some food itself. Dig in food-standard fertiliser and mushroom compost from your local nursery.

2. Change up what you plant next, especially in pots

Because there is a small amount of soil in pots, it’s best to plant different seeds because they use different nutrients. Top up soil with food-standard fertiliser and mushroom compost.

3. Grow seasonal produce

It’s easier to grow, because the seeds are used to the weather depending on the season. And this way, you’ll try yummy new things!