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Day 15: Working with children

I’ve heard that it was once said: ‘Never work with children and animals.’ I love both children and animals, and I love working with them!

Today’s book reading at Brookeville Kindergarten was wonderful. We started off talking about our favourite vegetables, and which ones we were growing at home. We discussed soil, water, sunshine and air, and then made out we were seeds. We crouched down, and along came a good dose of imaginary rain, interspersed with warm sunshine, and up popped our heads. We slowly moved to our knees, curling ever upward to our feet and then with arms outstretched, we were ready to be picked to eat!

We read chapter one of “Herbert Peabody and His Extraordinary Vegetable Patch,” and the children loved Herbi’s Yo, Grow rhyme so much, that we had to recite it twice more!

Spending time with children is a gift, and to share their delight in imagining and playing is wonderful. It makes me realise how lucky I am to be a children’s writer!

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