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Day 19: Two firsts!

Super exciting times this evening – we’ve just received the very first double order for Herbie’s books, and the first official order for ‘Herbert Peabody and the Incredible Beehive.’ I feel honoured and very happy.

This time last year, when Herbie’s first book was launched, I had a celebratory lunch with a good friend and mentor of mine. Mr S has a great business mind, and I will always remember his words: “Congratulations on writing the book. Now the real work starts!”

And right he was! Spreading Herbie’s magic is a rewarding task, and like anything worth doing, it takes time and dedication. So when an order for Herbie’s books is received, it is a happy moment indeed.

And at the risk of being cheeky, if you’d like to contribute to a happy moment, here is the link to Herbie’s shop :o)

Until tomorrow,


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