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Day 22: Reading is mega cool!

Today I had a doctor’s appointment, and accompanying it was a longer wait than usual.. Rather than wishing I was elsewhere, I had come well prepared: I’d packed a book in my bag!

I can’t claim this idea as my own. My dear friend, Miss K, always carries a book. She reads while waiting for the train, queueing at the bank, and standing in line to order a coffee. Miss K reads the most books of anyone I know, and she is one of the happiest people I know. So, in my sample size of N=1, I conclude that reading makes you happy!

And I believe it does. Reading transports us to places and evokes feelings that we otherwise wouldn’t experience at a particular moment. We can choose to be nearby or far away, amused or reflective. It’s our choice of book that determines it.

Reading to children is a gift. It warms the heart of the reader while fuelling the imagination of the child. If we should be doing more of something, it’s reading!

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