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Day 24: Herbie really is real!

Today I received a VERY special package from Tabitha Emma Bray, illustrator of Herbert Peabody. In the package was Herbert Peabody himself!

Tabitha handmade Herbie from reclaimed fabric, and he is just amazing and extremely cute!

As a children’s writer, I want my stories to be brought to life. Engaging vocabulary and beautiful illustrations do this, and I have been very lucky to work with Tabitha. With many strings to her bow, Tabitha is talented and professional, and it is a joy to create the briefs for the illustrations, because I know the result will be wonderful. You can see more of what Tabitha does here

And now I’m off to hang with my new bestie, who I think may start popping up in his own social media advenures… stay tuned!

Until tomorrow,


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