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Day 28: In the studio!

When I created Herbert Peabody, I wanted him to be a fun character that was a little bit cheeky, just like the children I was writing for. One of the things I had Herbie do was rhyme, or rap, in the veggie patch, and today those rhymes were recorded.

Gareth Leach is an amazing musician and producer. He performs and tours in his own bands (yes, plural!) and produces music for others. We’ve worked on a music project together previously, and when I asked whether he would lay some tracks for Herbie, Gareth said yes!

We were in the studio at 10am and worked until 7pm. It was a super rewarding day, with musical rifts spliced and layered,

Defining Herbie's music genre!
Defining Herbie’s music genre!

and we have the first three tracks down! Herbie’s ‘Yo, Grow!’ rhyme now has a definitive sound – Country Hip Hop, and I can’t wait to share the tracks! They will be up on iTunes and the webshop very soon.

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