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Day 3: Creating Role Models for Kids

I’ve been hearing much about “Role Models” for children of late – positive ones, to be precise. As a children’s writer, I want to create characters that become role models and set good examples for young readers.

In the Herbert Peabody series, one thing that the characters have in common is a sense of community. Herbie is an active member in Huffelton, the town which his farm is in. As well as being a farmer, he is a friend, a brother and an uncle. Herbie listens and empathises, and he believes in sharing his thoughts about the magic of growing food in an inclusive manner, for the greater good.

As a child, family and community values were continually bestowed upon me, by my parents and two grand mothers. And at the same time, I was given constructive advice about how I could positively engage in my community in a way that made sense to a four, seven or ten year old.

I think that positive role models counsel us to be our best, and giving something to our family and community nurtures both the people around us, as well as ourselves.

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