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Day 53: To market, to market, to meet a kindred spirit

I went to an organic food market on the weekend. Hubby went to order coffee while I minded a vintage wine barrel and four stools for us plus a dear friend, Mr S,  and his son. We had Mr S’s dog, Massa, a beautiful Golden Retriever, with us, and as I was waiting, the man at the next barrel complimented Massa’s manners.

The man and I started talking, and he was quick to rave about the market’s produce. He and his wife came every Sunday, arriving at 9am to make sure they had the pick of the fruit and veggies. They had learned their lesson, once arriving at 9:15am, only to find much of the produce already sold. He went on to say they had lost a combined weight of 70kg and felt healthier and happier by eating well and exercising.

It made me happy to hear an enthusiastic account of living well from a total stranger. Good dogs and great food bring out the best in people.

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