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Day 55: How to start off in the book business

It’s one thing to write a book, and it’s another to sell it.

Writing was the easy part, and after talking with a couple of publishers, I decided to self-publish the “Herbert Peabody” series. Why? Because I wanted Herbie to look, and feel, a certain way.

I was new to the world of books, so I set about to find the best people in the business. I wanted the books to be hard back A5 size with colour and line illustrations, because those were the books I loved as a child.

And so my journey began: I found the best illustrator in the world, Tabitha Emma Bray, and after finding the best editor in the world, Les Zigomanis, I went on to find the best book layout company in the world, Chameleon Design, and best printer in the world, 1010 Printing. I found the best web designer in the world, Nik Howe, and set up Herbie on social media, and engaged the best publicist in the world, Scott Eathorne, to promote Herbie.

Because I had a professional, top class product, I was able to meet with an independent book distributor, Woodslane, who agreed to take on Herbie. And now the “Herbert Peabody” series is distributed across all good bookstores in Australia.

As Herbie says: With some hard work, and a little bit of magic, extraordinary things can happen.

And the journey that Herbie is taking me on is just that!

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