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This week: 5 Hidden Benefits Of Reading For Kids (And Their Parents!)

At Team Herbert Peabody, we adore reading, and we LOVE reading to our kids!

If you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, you will know just how special it is to share a story with the little people in your life. Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to share a great story, there are other benefits too.

Huffington Post spells it out beautifully here

What are these benefits?

1. We build bonds when we spend time reading with our children

2. Reading to our children three to five times a week gives them an academic advantage

3. Reading books allows children to hear sophisticated words that aren’t necessarily used in everyday conversation

4. When we read with our children, we are teaching them by example and they will want to read themselves

5. Well-read children are better equipped to communicate their feelings

Happy reading, everyone!

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