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This week: Cabbage make-over

For many of us, cabbage comes with baggage – boiled smush that offers a bland taste, at best!

However, it’s what you do with cabbage that can transform this economical veggie into a meal superstar! Forget the boiling pot of water. Rather, slice cabbage thinly and stir fry with sesame oil, soy sauce, broccoli and capsicum, and you have a nutritious and yummy noodle substitute.

Cabbage works beautifully in salads too. Combine olive oil, red wine vinegar, chopped garlic and anchovies as a dressing. Then toss through sliced cabbage, and leave for between thirty minutes to an hour before serving. The vinegar helps to break down the cabbage fibres, making a crunchy and tasty side dish that compliments meat dishes beautifully.

Give cabbage a make-over and enjoy this wonderful vegetable!

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