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Day 30: Homegrown & homemade winter warmer

The kitchen was a very happy and rewarding place this morning – I made Asian style pumpkin soup with pumpkin and leek straight from Herbie’s veggie patch!

As all veggie growers know, produce from your own backyard is extra special. You want to use every morsel and savour the food that you have nurtured and cared for. It is an addictive satisfaction!

And, like a proud parent, your natural instinct is to think that yours are the best. While the local, organic grocer has some beautiful looking and tasting produce, there’s just that special something about your own. They are a reflection of you, and that’s what gives you a happy feeling in your heart while you are growing and when you are eating them!

So, as I sit with my bowl of soup, I’ll thank Herbie for his work in the veggie patch.

Until tomorrow,


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