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Day 31: Making writing a habit

I had been planning to write a blog for a long time. I tried to start one once, but there were other things to do, time went to quickly, excuse number three, excuse number four, and before I knew it, my blog wasn’t happening before it had started!

But this changed when I made a commitment to blog. Herbert Peabody was the reason to write, and I was adamant that I would. If you look through the posts at the beginning, you’ll see spurts of activity, and lulls of none. I was determined to get momentum, and it finally came once I committed to sharing Herbie’s magic of growing food for 365 days.

It was daunting at first, and it took me a week to feel comfortable, and now one month in, I am loving it! I think about topics during the day, and I talk about my project with people, which in turn gives me a reason to talk about Herbie, which is what the aim of this project is!

Making a commitment to something is motivating, and by staying with it, your achievements spur you further to keep at it.

Until tomorrow,


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