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Day 32: How to get the best food straight from the farmer

Last year, Herbert Peabody was invited to visit the Farmers’ Markets throughout Victoria. And they were amazing! Produce was at its peak – in season and picked exactly when it should be.

In between readings and book signings, I talked to apple farmers, pumpkin farmers, chicken farmers and beef farmers, and they all had one thing in common – passion. These farmers cared about what they were selling because they loved what they did. They talked about the joy of early mornings and late nights brought about by tending and preparing their produce. They shared their concerns about rainfall – too little and too much. And they beamed as they showed what they had produced.

Food stimulates four senses – seeing it, touching it, smelling the aroma and tasting it. And farmers markets bring the fifth sense: the sound of each story of what is involved to bring the food to us.

When our senses connect with something, they stir a feeling. And one of the best feelings is sharing a connection with where our food comes from. This weekend, why not head to your local farmers’ market and experience your food through the farmers who grow it.

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