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Day 37: Same vegetable, different flavour!

Tonight Hubby and I went to our favourite Japanese restaurant, and rather than order our usual dishes, we were in the mood to try something different. In the entree section, I spied eggplant with teriyaki.

Rewind to last week: I made veggie lasagne, with mushroom and eggplant as the filling. Hubby and I love the texture of eggplant and it was, if I may say, delicious, with full Italian flavour, enhanced by a glass of chianti.

Tonight we discovered that the Japanese way of preparing this vegetable is delicious too. The eggplant was complimented by green tea and edamame.

And that’s the wonderful thing about vegetables – whether you feel like Thai, Chinese, Italian or French cuisine, vegetables can take on many diverse flavours. They keep our palates engaged and our tastebuds satisfied, and they keep our bodies healthy.

What’s not to love?!

Until tomorrow,


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