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Day 36: 5 Food Myths

Last year, I was interviewed by about some of the common mistakes we make with our food choices.

As a former food marketer who worked on children’s dairy and juice products, I worked closely with nutritionists. While I am not a qualified nutritionist or dietician, I learned something – that food, and not food products, are best for out bodies.

So, what does that mean? The less processed something is, or the closer something is to nature, the better it is for us. Cows that are free to roam and eat grass and do cow stuff produce better milk than those kept in feed lots. Cows that do cow stuff keep themselves healthy naturally. It’s like us – when we exercise and spend time outdoors we feel healthier because we are doing what humans are meant to do. We’re less likely to be at the doctor’s needing anti biotics.

The great thing is, it’s actually easy to get close to nature. Eating veggies that we grow ourselves isn’t only better for us, it’s cheaper too. And that’s one of the biggest food myths – that being healthy is expensive. When we are healthy naturally, it’s not expensive. We don’t need to buy vitamins and supplements because we’re getting all the vitamins and minerals from our food. And that’s the way nature intended!

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