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Day 35: Eat the way your grandma did

Last year, I was asked to write a piece for a publication about healthy eating. At the time, my Nan was about to celebrate her 100th birthday (and now she’s two months from turning 101!)

I wrote about Nan and what I have learned from her. I wrote that our grandmother’s were resourceful, clever women who extracted maximum value from everything they bought. Old vegetables were made into soup or stock, leftovers were given a makeover to Bubble & Squeak, and the family sat down to dinner and gave thanks for the food that they had.

Many of our grandmothers did not complete school, let alone earn a university degree, but they way they lived was savvy and appreciative.

Feeling connected with our food gives us an automatic appreciation for it. We see how long each vegetable takes to grow, and the time we spend tending the plant helps us understand how much effort the plants put in to produce food. And children are the same. Studies show that children who are involved with growing their own food are far more likely to try it, and that’s a win for parents who are encouraging their kids to eat veggies.

Grandmother’s are very special and we can learn so much from them, particularly what they ate and the manner in which they ate it.

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