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Day 46: Herbie’s diary

The quest to spread Herbie’s magic of growing food means meeting people across many vocations: gardening, writing, education, food and journalism. And today, I met with Stonnington Library.

I delivered copies of Herbie’s books to librarian, Ms P, this morning, and was ecstatic to learn she had already become acquainted with Herbie via his website. She was very keen to put Herbie on the agenda for Children’s Book week in August, as well as a writer’s festival in November. Ms P’s three year old son is a fussy eater, and not keen on vegetables, so she was keen to share Herbie’s story with him to see whether he will change his mind.

I came away from the meeting with a renewed sense of vigour. Talking to parents about vegetables in an engaging way with an adorable representative gives me an intrinsic satisfaction. Sharing Herbie’s magic is fun, and I can’t wait to set more meeting dates in the diary!

Until tomorrow,


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