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Day 5: 5 minutes a day to great looking veggies!


Hello, and hooray for the weekend!

I hope there is some rest and relaxation planned. I, for one, need it! Which started me thinking about time constraints and growing your own food.

To say our lives are hectic is an understatement. With work, school, family, meal planning and life’s general admin, how on earth can we find the time to tend a vegetable patch, let alone start one from scratch?

There is good news – veggies like growing. And, many of them are pretty easy to cultivate. The problem I fell into was starting out a crop fit to supply the local grocer. I had ten different varieties of vegetables, and five different fruits. And did I reap a harvest to allow me to ‘eat the rainbow’? I did not! I was too enthusiastic, too early.

The trick, as with most things, is to start off simply. Begin with one variety, and make it your favourite vegetable. Tending to one vegetable is rewarding and easy, particularly if its one you love. Start by spending five minutes a day with it, and you will soon learn what your special veggie likes and dislikes. This builds your confidence, and after a time you’ll feel ready to branch out and add another veggie to the mix. And, you’ll still only need five minutes a day, because you’ll know exactly what to do with the first one already!

And when you’re feeling up to it, you can add another variety, and so on, and you’ll still only need a manageable time allotment to tend your crop.

Have a wonderful Friday, and until tomorrow,


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