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Day 6: Kids in the kitchen

My gorgeous sister-in-law and our little niece came for dinner this evening. Miss S, age 6, loves to be busy, so we decided that she would be sous chef.

First up for preparation was sweet potato. As I peeled and chopped, I explained to Miss S that pricking with a fork helps hot air seep in, allowing the potato to cook more evenly. Her little hands grasped each piece, and soon four whole sweet potatoes were prepared for roasting.

Next up was broccoli, which was to be steamed. Miss S meticulously washed each piece, and we talked about the different cooking method and how the broccoli would soften with the steam.

Once the meal was ready, Miss S proudly took each plate to the table, explaining how she had prepared the vegetables. Her little face beamed the entire meal, and there was a sense of achievement as she tasted each morsel. Herbert Peabody would be proud!

Involving children in cooking helps stir an interest in different ingredients, including those which are sometimes shunned. And, having a keen sous chef makes cooking even more fun.

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