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Day 7: The Dirt Diet

“We are what we eat” is a phrase that applies not only to us, but to the soil in which our food grows.

Healthy soil is fundamental to growing glorious veggies, and there are a few simple tricks to keep your dirt good.

1. Compost is dirt’s best friend. Grab a compost bin from your local nursery and mix organic matter, such as food scraps, leaves and lawn clippings, into old soil. Once the organic matter has broken down, your soil is ready to rock with new plantings.

2. Rotate your crops to rejuvenate your soil. Different plants need certain elements from soil, so allow pots and garden beds to recover each season by mixing up what you plant next.

3. Worm farms are a wonderful way to engage children in gardening, and Worm Tea is a fabulous fertiliser for plants.

Getting down and dirty has never been so productive!

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