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Day 8: Writing for children

As a children’s author, I sincerely believe that I have the best job in the world! And it is a role which I only imagined I would ever have.

I always loved being read to as a child. Bedtime stories were my favourite part of the day, and my most cherished books included many Dr Seuss titles, Roald Dahl’s ‘BFG,’ and Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women.’ As I drifted off to sleep, I would imagine the conversations I might have with the characters, and the adventures that we would share.

I have always loved food and been interested in healthy eating. In my career as a marketer, I was responsible for children’s dairy and juice products, and I saw first-hand the impact a healthy diet has on the development of children.

When I created Herbert Peabody, I wanted him to be a character that children would wish to spend time with, and most of all have fun with. Herbie had to entertain children, and foster their natural curiosity with a subject some may find not particularly interesting – vegetables.

And I seem to be on track: the best accolade I have received to date was my dear friend’s little boy choosing to dress as Herbie  during book week, because Herbie is his favourite book character.

Herbie’s first book has gained some very positive feedback, and with book two launching in the next month, I hope the favourable reception continues.

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