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Day 9: From little things big things grow

To write a book is to go on a journey. There are many steps along the way – some obvious, some unseen – and all of them contribute to the finished product.

If I have learned one thing from writing, it is to be disciplined. When I write, I wake at 5:30am and work until 7:30am. I find that inspiration comes when I maintain a routine, and a small thought grows into a big idea.

And I’ve also discovered that some of the best ideas arrive unexpectedly, and it’s recognising which of these thoughts are worth cultivating and nurturing.

Herbert Peabody was one of my unexpected thoughts that had actually been growing over many years. Bringing him to life through his own storybook series is a wonderful journey, and I can only imagine where Herbie will go, spreading his magic of growing food!

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