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Day 57: Just 15 minutes

As a writer, I’ve discovered that I can achieve a lot in 15 minutes. I first read the 15 minutes notion in Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project,” a life changing read. Check out her work at

Being an author is rewarding and challenging. If you wait for inspiration, it will not necessarily come. However, if you look for inspiration with purpose, it is there. And, it can be found in 15 minutes.

If you go about your day with a goal in mind, you will achieve it. Today, mine was to put washing on before breakfast. It took three minutes, so I had 12 minutes to myself. The day before, it was practice yoga poses for 10 minutes, and I had 5 minutes to myself.

Time is precious, and 15 minutes is a gold mine, for all of us!

Until tomorrow,


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