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This week: Giving kids their own garden space

Allowing a child to have their very own space fosters a sense of pride, and this can readily happen outside in the garden! It gives a child the feeling of ownership and encourages their buy-in for different activities and projects.

Designate an area of the garden that will become their domain.

–       Encourage them to draw up plans with pots or garden beds to lay out their space

–       Have them make a list of the materials they will need to achieve these plans

–       Make a list of the things they will need to do to achieve their vision for their garden

–       Let them know how important it is to keep their part of the garden flourishing

–       Once it’s up and growing, encourage them to weed, water and check for garden pests. Little people love slimy things!

Kids love having their own space and when it’s in the garden, spills and dirt are good!


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