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This week: Making healthy food the hero

As parents, we love our kids. We want the best for them in everything they do. Yet, there’s an alarming statistic in our midst: one in four children in Australia are now “obese.” And in America, it’s one in three.

So what can we do about it?

Here’s five things we can start doing today:

1. Get our kids to be active

– Park the car a distance from our destination and walk (or skip, or gallop!) part of the way.

2. Stream music, not TV

– Invent your own dance floor in the living room! Plus, you’ll be educated on new music by your kids!

3. Replace one item of processed food with an item of fresh food

– Chop up fruit and veggies to replace the crinkly plastic packaging.

4. Involve your kids in food preparation

– They’ll have a sense of pride in what they’re making and sample the ingredients along the way.

5. Get out into the veggie patch

– Studies show that children who are involved with growing fruit and veggies are far more likely to give them a try.


Let’s actively involve ourselves and make sure our kids are healthy, and happy!


Image: Tumblr

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