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Write your grandparents biography

Write your grandparents biography

The special bond between grandparents and grandchildren

It is a universal truth that grandparents are wise. They possess a lifetime of knowledge having been through childhood and adolescence, had their heartbroken, reared their own children, and lived through tremendous change.

Grandparents have immense love to give and they know how to listen. And perhaps these two qualities set them up to be kindred spirits with their grandchildren.

While the incessant chatter of a five-year-old may turn into background noise for parents, these somewhat monotonous conversations elicit enthusiasm from grandparents.

Grandparents excel at holding hands while walking painfully slowly. They’re masters of looking at twigs, letterboxes and pebbles with fascination. They don’t mind how many times they’re instructed to pick a half dead flower, talk to a bird up a tree, or pat someone’s crazy puppy.

Carefree dancing is another grandparent skill. Attend a fete with a live band, and it’s the kids and grandparents who tear up the dance floor. Seeing my parents dance with my niece and nephew brings me joy.

As for me, I was lucky to grow up in a three-generation household and Nan was my confidant. I could tell her I hadn’t finished my homework, or that I’d sneaked in an extra biscuit at afternoon teatime. She’d smile knowingly, probably because she’d done similar things and wasn’t responsible for my behaviour!

When I was studying during my last year at school, Nan would read my textbooks and play Solitaire on the computer to keep me company as I trawled through endless drafts of assignments.

When I grew up, Nan came along on my work trips, accompanied me to the pub, and lunched with me as ladies do. She advised me on matters of the heart, taught me how to bake and use an electric drill, and helped me knit a pair of socks.

I was blessed to have her as my grandmother.

Grandparents love projects, and kids do too. So, Herbert Peabody and I have thought up an activity for your child: interviewing their grandparents. You’ll find the activity sheet HERE

When the interview is in full swing, we hope you enjoy a few minutes respite (!) and the subsequent learning about your family’s wisest generation!

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