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Day 46: Herbie’s diary

The quest to spread Herbie’s magic of growing food means meeting people across many vocations: gardening, writing, education, food and journalism. And today, I met with Stonnington Library. I delivered copies of Herbie’s books to librarian, Ms P, this morning, and was ecstatic to learn she had already become acquainted with Herbie via his website. […]

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Day 45: Sharing Herbie’s magic with children at Stories Up High

The great American comic, W.C. Fields, once said, “Never work with children or animals.” However, if he had been at the Stories Up High children’s writers festival this weekend at Cloudehill in Olinda, he may have thought otherwise. Reading chapter one of Herbert Peabody and His Extraordinary Vegetable Patch, followed by painting pots and planting

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Day 27: Connecting with what we love

It’s a hectic world that we live in. We’re constantly connected to what’s going on via email, mobile phones and social media. But with all these expectations and interruptions, it’s sometimes difficult to connect with the things we love. The Herbert Peabody series connects children with where their food comes from in a fun way

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Day 19: Two firsts!

Super exciting times this evening – we’ve just received the very first double order for Herbie’s books, and the first official order for ‘Herbert Peabody and the Incredible Beehive.’ I feel honoured and very happy. This time last year, when Herbie’s first book was launched, I had a celebratory lunch with a good friend and

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Day 12: Books by the box load!

A very exciting delivery to a special cafe today! Marmalades, in Yea, is where Herbie’s book readings debuted last year, and the team in this wonderful establishment are great supporters of Herbie.. Being a self published author is similar to being a small business owner. If something needs doing, it’s up to me! Writing a

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