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Day 46: Herbie’s diary

The quest to spread Herbie’s magic of growing food means meeting people across many vocations: gardening, writing, education, food and journalism. And today, I met with Stonnington Library. I delivered copies of Herbie’s books to librarian, Ms P, this morning, and was ecstatic to learn she had already become acquainted with Herbie via his website. […]

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Day 17: World-class meeting

It is amazing to meet people who make a difference, and today I met two such people. Professor David Crawford and Cathy Cooper are part of a world-class team looking into the effect of physical activity and nutrition across different life stages. The Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research (C-PAN) is dedicated to improving health

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Day 8: Writing for children

As a children’s author, I sincerely believe that I have the best job in the world! And it is a role which I only imagined I would ever have. I always loved being read to as a child. Bedtime stories were my favourite part of the day, and my most cherished books included many Dr

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Day 3: Creating Role Models for Kids

I’ve been hearing much about “Role Models” for children of late – positive ones, to be precise. As a children’s writer, I want to create characters that become role models and set good examples for young readers. In the Herbert Peabody series, one thing that the characters have in common is a sense of community.

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