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Day 46: Herbie’s diary

The quest to spread Herbie’s magic of growing food means meeting people across many vocations: gardening, writing, education, food and journalism. And today, I met with Stonnington Library. I delivered copies of Herbie’s books to librarian, Ms P, this morning, and was ecstatic to learn she had already become acquainted with Herbie via his website.

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Day 45: Sharing Herbie’s magic with children at Stories Up High

The great American comic, W.C. Fields, once said, “Never work with children or animals.” However, if he had been at the Stories Up High children’s writers festival this weekend at Cloudehill in Olinda, he may have thought otherwise. Reading chapter one of Herbert Peabody and His Extraordinary Vegetable Patch, followed by painting pots and planting

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Day 36: 5 Food Myths

Last year, I was interviewed by about some of the common mistakes we make with our food choices. As a former food marketer who worked on children’s dairy and juice products, I worked closely with nutritionists. While I am not a qualified nutritionist or dietician, I learned something – that food, and not food

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Day 31: Making writing a habit

I had been planning to write a blog for a long time. I tried to start one once, but there were other things to do, time went to quickly, excuse number three, excuse number four, and before I knew it, my blog wasn’t happening before it had started! But this changed when I made a

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Day 26: How to get your book out there

Today I met with my wonderful publicist, Scott Eathorne, from Quikmark Media. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve learned that writing a book is the easy part. Promoting and getting the book noticed requires an art, and a book publicist is just the artist to do it. Scott is one of the best in the business, and

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Day 17: World-class meeting

It is amazing to meet people who make a difference, and today I met two such people. Professor David Crawford and Cathy Cooper are part of a world-class team looking into the effect of physical activity and nutrition across different life stages. The Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research (C-PAN) is dedicated to improving health

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Day 14: Herbie is on the road!

Herbie is super excited to be preparing for a very important appointment tomorrow – a reading at Brookeville Kindergarten in Toorak, Victoria. I was lucky to meet one of the Brookeville Kindy teachers at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show last month. She told me about their extraordinary vegetable patch, and I knew instantly

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Day 9: From little things big things grow

To write a book is to go on a journey. There are many steps along the way – some obvious, some unseen – and all of them contribute to the finished product. If I have learned one thing from writing, it is to be disciplined. When I write, I wake at 5:30am and work until

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